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Clarifying industry dominance of New Mood Design LLC

Clarifying Industry Dominance Distinguishes Powerhouse Interior Design Brand

Clarifying industry dominance of New Mood Design LLC was implemented with strategic web site content that concentrated on owner Donna Grace McAlear’s global career. The Write Publicist focused on the PhD behind the client’s name and her years of esteemed work in art museums worldwide, to translate how her 'world perspective' influences lighting and décor collections. The Write Publicist also consulted with the museum-curator-turned-designer to address primary brand touchpoints to further outshine the competition. Acting in the capacity of artistic director, The Write Publicist collaborated with the client on brand-authentic photographs to appeal to the client’s demographic target market.

Rebranding motivational speaker Courtland Warren

In-Depth Brand-Overhaul Amplifies Motivational Speaker’s Message

Rebranding motivational speaker Courtland Warren entailed administering an in-depth Brand Questionnaire, tailored specifically to the Client, followed by vigorous brand sessions. The sessions resulted in a “slogo” (combination of slogan and logo) devised to amplify ‘commercial appeal’ of the nationally noted public speaker.  The brand catchphrase, CODE YOUR WHOLEPOWER™, not only captured the speaker’s essence and transformed his identity, but also empowered audiences to take charge of their destinies.  The extensive rebranding project included scripting a web site, masterminding photography, and developing a breadth of speaking topics and a line of CODE YOUR WHOLEPOWER™ promotional merchandise.  The Write Publicist also rendered literary consulting services for an impending CODE YOUR WHOLEPOWER™ book.

Stephen W Gordon, MD

Strategic Press Instills Confidence in Plastic Surgery Procedures

In the press sample "A Master of Appearance Modification," a feature on plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Gordon, the writing was angled at the consumer to calm fears about plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery practices need media messaging and content that introduces the surgeon behind the practice, and assures potential patients of the physician's mastery of technique.

Pye - Barker

Story on Personal Service Ignites Consumer Interest in Welding Company

A highlighting of the brothers behind Pye-Barker Welding Supply Co., during their company's 50th anniversary, brought the story of the family-owned enterprise to life. This portfolio sample showcases the personal service, hard work ethics and entrepreneurial spirit of a booming multi-generational business. The Write Publicist's forte is "giving a face" to companies — which sparks consumer interest.

Carol Christie

Media Promotion Results in Gallery Representation for Artist

Award-winning artist Carol Christie had never received national press before contracting The Write Publicist & Co. Within weeks of launching a media blitz, the contemporary abstract expressionist appeared in Art Business News -- among the most respected art industry publications in the country. From that initial placement, Christie received notoriety that led to new gallery representation.

Theo Ratliff

Image-building for NBA Star Yields Community-Wide Endorsement

Representing basketball star Theo Ratliff, the NBA's lead shot blocker for the 2000-01 season, included "image building." Ratliff’s press kit showcased his interest in community activities and commitment to pursuing sponsorship initiatives. All materials depicted the athlete's desire to uplift underprivileged children and promoted a sportsmanship culture that develops mature and responsible adults. The Write Publicist conceived Ratliff's "Stay on the Ball Learn to Read Contest", a citywide essay contest that was endorsed by the Atlanta Public School System. In addition to recruiting the participation of Atlanta Public Schools, The Write Publicist also brought Washington Mutual Bank onto the team as a sponsor, as well as many children's book publishers, including Boyds Mill Press, Cook Communications Ministries, and Harper Collins Publishers.


Campaign Draws Countywide Interest for C.E.O.

A campaign that The Write Publicist coined as "Mr. CEO, Mans County That's the New Face of America" detailed the revolutionary strides of Chief Executive Officer, Vernon Jones, in his plight to brand Dekalb County as the number one destination in Georgia. "The New Face of America" aptly described the metropolitan Atlanta County that most closely resembled the archetype of the new face of America. During Jones' reign as CEO (2000-2008), Dekalb was one of the most racially and ethnically diverse metropolises in the United States with a multicultural population that was greater than the population of the entire state of Wyoming. The Write Publicist is a leader in defining "selling points" and "story angles" to lure national interest in corporate CEOs.

Atlanta Perinatal Associates

Pitch Births National Coverage for Perinatal Associates

History-Making Perinatal Trio: Georgia-based Atlanta Perinatal Associates became a virtual media magnet, drawing the coverage of publications nationwide. The innovative five-location bilingual group specializes in high-risk maternal fetal medicine, utilizing a newly developed application of telemedicine services in the state of Georgia. Within 12 weeks, The Write Publicist's pitch attracted the interest of CNN, Good Day Atlanta, WSB-TV and WAGA-TV and garnered over $1.5 million dollars worth of (national) media and print editorial value to Atlanta Perinatal Associates.

Steve R. Allen

Branding of Artist Inspires Sponsorship and International Press

Publicizing Steve R. Allen's artwork for four Olympic Games: the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, and the 2004 Athen's Olympic Games, developed Allen's branding as a sports artist. Handling corporate sponsorship for Allen's "Atlanta to Sydney 2000" Project reaped endorsement from corporations such as AFC Enterprises, as well as international media coverage.

Regina Lynch-Hudson

Cover Stories and Editorial Features Give Political Leaders the Edge

As a freelance writer, Regina Lynch-Hudson has interviewed everyone from former mayor Maynard Jackson to Georgia's Attorney General Thurbert Baker, and political leaders nationwide. A 1993 interview with the late Atlanta Mayor Maynard Holbrook Jackson (during his last term in office) resulted in heavy press, including a cover story. At one time, Lynch-Hudson covered the political beat for the now-defunct Atlanta Business Quarterly, which consisted of interviewing state senators and government officials. An exclusive 1992 Question-and-Answer interview with famed comedian/civil rights leader Dick Gregory was published in the Atlanta Business Quarterly.

Regina Lynch-Hudson

Well Placed Press Brings Notoriety to Inventor

Inventor Oliver Johnson's unveiling of proprietary water technology appeared in newspapers and magazines nationwide. Strategically published photos with government officials from America to Zambia (including then-First Lady Hillary Clinton) enhanced visibility of Johnson's water purification system. The master scientist's revolutionary water purification system, designed for the home, office, and small cities, was used in Africa, Trinidad, and the Caribbean. The Write Publicist's press placement enhanced visibility of the inventor and his product in the U.S.

Thomas Sampson

Publicity of Attorney’s Win Enhances Firm’s Renown

Attorney Thomas Sampson's $1.5 million win against Kaiser was publicized nationwide and increased his firm's visibility. The campaign process involved interviewing lawyers within the firm, and showing sensitivity in interviewing a plaintiff after loss of her fetus due to Kaisers’ physician's failure to provide timely and appropriate antenatal testing. Thomas, Kennedy, Sampson & Patterson is one of the most prominent law firms in Georgia -- specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

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