Profiling You Questionaire

"Whatever your industry ... prepare to remove your mask
of anonymity to bask in the spotlight."

Is your company identity concealed from the public eye?

Most of us live by the misguided belief that if we just provide a great product or service that everyone from Oprah to Time magazine will beat a path to our door. But merely offering a great product or service isn't enough. We depend on publicity to make an impact in the world in both our personal life and in business. How we get attention and what we do with it will determine our overall success.

You may have what it takes to attract media attention. But to pursue publicity and visibility, you first need to pinpoint, define and reveal your "Core Identity" or brand.

As a public relations visionary, The Write Publicist understands how to create a strong company identity. "Many companies offer the same or similar products or services. But what makes the difference in how they are perceived by the media is how they differ in style." It's not through guesswork that The Write Publicist empowers you to gain astonishing insight into your publicity and branding needs and learn how to control your business identity. Systematically, The Write Publicist aids clients in their quest for high visibility — virtually stripping away anonymity.

Please take a few minutes to provide information about your business, product, or service. By email or telephone consultation, The Write Publicist will assess your situation concisely and accurately, outlining what you need to enhance your current PR strategy. Publicity can make the difference between a business operating “in the red” OR maintaining profits.

Who is your company? Why isn't it getting noticed?

Company Name
Mailing Address
Zip Code
Web Address
Type of Business? Yr Established

Business Classification:

Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Other

Have you received local, regional or national notoriety?

Yes No

I reach my customers primarily by:
  World Wide Web Salespersons
  Radio/TV Advertising Word of Mouth
  Print Advertising Email Blasts
  Trade Shows Other

Which social media channels do you use to generate new business? (check all that apply)
Twitter Facebook Blogs other

Do you have identity collateral such as:

Website Advertorials Video Media Kit other

Do you have a marketing plan?
Yes No

What is your annual PR or advertising budget?

My Primary Needs are:
  PR/Brand Counseling Ghostwriting
  Formulation of strategic ideas Packaging/Presentation materials
  Publicity Campaign Travel Promotion
  Social Media Messaging Product Reviews
  Advertorials Other

Briefly describe your greatest promotional challenges, and the image that
you strive to sculpt for your business, product, or service?


Can You Afford To Remain Annonymous?