The Woo Card


Thrilling, beckoning, beguiling and spellbinding: words are the burning core of all collateral used to woo customers to products and services, to entice endorsement of ideas, and to win-over followers of news and viewpoints.  Shakespeare, the greatest wooer of all time, knew how to compose bedazzling words in his love sonnets to seduce countless conquests from Ophelia to Juliette.  Pursuing business prospects – be it with proposals, advertising, press releases or editorial – also requires a consummate level of literary prowess.  

The Write Woo Advisory is your indispensable guide to wooing for PROFITABILITY and PUBLICITY.  From nine feature articles; to engaging tips from the lips of Woo Advisors; to highly recommended resources: The Write Woo Advisory is designed to help you master the tantalizing lingo to sweep business prospects off their feet! 

Advisory #1
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Gettin' a Leg Up on the Competition
Writing Collateral that Wows Customers

Advisory #2
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Totally Tongue Tied
Untangling the Right Side of the Brain

Advisory #3
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Controlling the Volume
Fine-tuning Social Media Messaging

Persuasive Proposals
Penning Presentations that Win Approval

Culturally-Conscious Communiqués
Composing Globally Competent Copy

Censoring the Cybermouth
The Hidden Cost of Caustic Content

Smokin' Hot Lingo
Sizzlin' Deal-Closing Scribble

Flippin' the Script, Fillin' the Seats
Strategic Speeches & Storylines that Sell

Dynamic Dot.Com Presence
A picture really is worth
a thousand words


Can You Afford To Remain Annonymous?