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The Write Publicist travels globally, placing stories that expose tourists to the social, cultural, and artistic traditions, practices, and contributions of all ethnicities.

Photo Documentary Raises Awareness and Aid for Homeless Children

Children Nearby: Right In Your Own Backyard™, a nonprofit photo documentary that captured the beauty and innocence of homeless children, was conceived and coordinated by The Write Publicist as an event to raise money for Genesis Shelter. The company conceptualized the exhibit, coordinated photography and executed full press coverage, which included print, television, and radio coverage as well as all sponsorship procurement. National sponsors included Kroger Supermarkets and Wolf Camera and Video. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented by the Mayor of Atlanta, which read, "For your outstanding contributions to the growth, vitality, and spirit of our City kids.”


Catchy Copywriting Rouses Robust Fashion and Jewelry Sales

Publicizing such events as the touring International Fashion Designers Boutique and Accessory Show, as well as promotion of individual designers and couturiers, echoes an expressible passion for The Write Publicist. Media-drenched events are a specialty. Penning savvy text for fashion and jewelry designers' catalogs yields colorful narrative that is aesthetically alive—to the point of jumping off the page.


PR Campaign and Reception Generates Large Audience for Local Play

Producing both the public relations campaign and Atlanta reception for Having Our Say, the extraordinary play produced by Camille Cosby and Judith R. James, represents a mere sampling of The Write Publicist's superb coordination skills. Having Our Say is the extraordinary tale of Bessie and Sadie Delaney and the heartwarming experiences, struggles, and joys of the sisters, spanning 100-plus years. The Write Publicist directed a staff to produce a star-studded reception befitting of Camille Cosby's grand attendance and the grandeur of the play's opening night in Atlanta.

Reviewing the nation's top restaurants, such as Brennan's in New Orleans and The Olde Pink House in Savannah, is a mainstay of The Write Publicist.

Award Winning Festival Coordination Draws National Attention

As publicist for the 1996 National Black Arts Festival (a Fulton County contract), Regina Lynch-Hudson publicized a $2.7 million dollar festival, the world's largest and most celebrated 10-day exposition of black art. For her outstanding execution of festival publicity, she received the Best PR Campaign of the Year Award through the Atlanta Association of Media Women.  The publicity firm magnetized over 500 guests to a Monday noonday conference — including news reporters from virtually every pocket of Georgia and as far away as New York and California for the announcement of a city festival. Lynch-Hudson’s dynamic but deliberate awe-inspiring commencement and a prestigious panel that included the Mayor of Atlanta, celebrity spokespeople, and community leaders were covered by newspapers nationwide.  The Write Publicist strategically created a staff comprised of corporate PR professionals, who teamed on a volunteer basis to aid with execution of various components of the 10 day festival — which drew over 1,350,000 attendees.

Following Cherrelle's hiatus from the music industry,
  The Write Publicist was contracted by Power Records,
  when they set out to produce the singer's "comeback

Ingenious Storytelling Results In Successful Re-launch of Musical Career

Following Cherrelle's hiatus from the music industry, The Write Publicist was contracted by Power Records, when they set out to produce the singer's "comeback album." The record label questioned how Regina Lynch-Hudson could inspire coverage of a performing artist who hadn't had a hit in years. After one hour of candid conversation with Cherrelle over breakfast in a downtown Atlanta hotel, Lynch-Hudson found her angle: Cherrelle revealed that she had been on a self-defining journey after her husband's death, rehabilitating her daughters and herself, and waiting for "the right time" to surface again.

Regina Lynch-Hudson wrote the gripping original story that defined where the singer had been, and how she had been waiting for “the right time”. Within weeks, multiple versions of Lynch-Hudson’s story ran in music trade publications and newspapers nationwide. As a result, Cherrelle's album was dubbed "The Right Time." Having worked with a number of artists, this early project is testament to the fact that The Write Publicist is no rookie to the music scene.

Reviewing the nation's top restaurants, such as Brennan's in New Orleans and The Olde Pink House in Savannah, is a mainstay of The Write Publicist.

Promotion of Red Carpet Events Dramatically Drives Attendance

Countless companies have relied on The Write Publicist as a partner in publicizing "red carpet" events, such as grand openings, book signings, exhibitions, fashion shows, press conferences, theatrical stage plays, corporate events and charity fundraisers.  The Write Publicist's coverage of events includes pre-and-post event publicity outreach, concept creation, and setting up V.I.P interviews.

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