The Woo Card


Can’t quite figure out how to woo business, clients or notoriety?  Need a high-voltage brain-tease to spark ideas?  The Write Woo Helpline is like a subscription-based “911”, dispensing electrifying interventions when emergency strategies are needed.  Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or soloprenuer, no plight is too acute or chronic.  We provide “woo power” in a pinch for your toughest issue, be it a pressing press and publicity dilemma, social media messaging meltdown, event campaign crisis or conceptual advertising difficulty.  Our creatively-challenged customers can buy time on the Helpline and work one-on-one through each obstacle with a caring and crafty idea generator.  Prescribing everything from brand-aids to identity-facelifts, the Write Woo Helpline’s individualized approach insures each project gets “the right treatment” every time. 

WOO Card Hotline
Can You Afford To Remain Annonymous?